Mobile Application and Game Development

Course leader: Éva Nagyné Hajnal PhD

The computer game industry and mobile applications are important fields in the IT in the last few years. Nowadays desktop applications are migrating to mobile and wearable devices and there is an increasing emphasis on data visualization and software gamification in industry and society as well. The graphical solutions used in game development, the VR devices and software solutions, the devices and elements of the extended, augmented, mixed reality, the AI elements and tools are parts of industrial solutions concerning the Industry 4.0 concept. These are used more and more extensively during the industrial design and development, and in data visualization. The specialization deals with application development on various mobile platforms. It deals with the hardware and software components of the devices used in the games and VR, getting to know the game engines and mastering their theoretical background. So this specialization can provide useful knowledge to every software developer not only in the field of computer games, but also in the scientific research, in the education and in the industry.