Attention! Work schedule change

Dear Students!

To respect Government Decree 40/2020. (III.11.) and  2/2020. (III.11.),  3/2020. (III.12.) and the 5/2020. (III.16.)  rector-chancellor instruction to prevent further spread of the coronavirus and to protect health of the employees (and their families) of the University as a primary priority the John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics orders “home office” policy to all administrative workers from 19th March onward.

This means to you that can reach the faculty’s Study Department and Institutes electronically – by email – please, contact them this way and they will reply to you in regular working hours ( M-Th. 08:00 -16.00: F: 08:00-14:00) and -as much as they can through distance working – as soon as possible.

Budapest, 18. March 2020

Best regards,

Miklos KOZLOVSZKY Ph.D., habil
acting dean
Obuda University
John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics